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XPAG Standard Engines 1250cc to 1500cc



 All Standard Engines are rebuilt with the new following parts:

   •Solid Skirt Pistons

   •Sports CamshaftOpen Engine

   •Cam Followers (machined for improved
     camshaft lubrication)

   •Camshaft Bearings

   •Front Crankshaft Lip Seal

   •Rear Crankshaft Lip Seal

   •Clutch Plate and Cover

   •High Tensile Connecting Rod Bolts/Nuts


   •Hard Valve Seats

   •Improved Valve Stem Oil Seals

   •Bronze Valve Guides

   •Timing Chain

   •Shells, Gaskets, Core Plugs & Hardware



Engine is fully disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Plugs are removed from all oil-ways and galleries to remove build-up of contamination. All threads are examined and if necessary repaired. Core plugs are replaced and sealed.


The block is re-bored and honed to the appropriate oversize and the top of the block is skimmed.


Crankshaft is reground to appropriate size and balanced. Flywheel & New Clutch Cover are balanced.


New Camshaft bearings are fitted and scraped in to match new Camshaft.


Connecting rods and straightened; stress relieved; high tensile bolts fitted and the assembly is balanced.


Engine is trial assembled. New piston ring gaps are set. Piston deck heights are measured. Piston tops are machined for correct deck height. Rear Crankshaft bearing cap is machined to take new Lip Oil Seal Carrier. The Oil Seal Carrier is aligned and sealed in position.


Engine is assembled. Camshaft timing is set measuring TDC and Camshaft position as measured on the Dial Test Indicators.


Cylinder head is machined, new valves and guides are fitted for unleaded fuel.