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XPAG Race Engines 1350cc to 1500cc & larger

                        from £4,500


All Race Engines are rebuilt with new parts as per the Standard Engine rebuild.


In addition here are some of the following modifications that are carried out -


    •Ported and Polished Unleaded Aluminium Cylinder Head is
     fitted complete with Race Spring Set; Spring Spacers;
     Oversize Valves
   •Pistons are lightened and weighed on our digital scales to
     ensure weights are equal.
   •Race Camshaft and lightened Vernier Timing Wheels are fitted.


   •Rocker pedestals are machined to lower rocker pivot point

   •Rocker tops are polished


   •Cam Followers are lightened and machined for improved camshaft lubrication.


   •Aluminium solid or Steel spoked flywheel is fitted complete with 120 tooth ring gear.


   •Steel or Standard Crankshaft and Connecting Rods are fitted depending on your

   •Balanced Race clutch cover and plate fitted.


For Racing or Trialing applications we can manufacture Lowered Aluminium Sumps with lowered Racing Pick-ups